Customer Letters

hi- just wanted to thank you for your zeus seasoning. we love it! it's the
only way my family will eat broccoli. and it saves me when i try a new
recipe and they don't like it or something i make is too bland- your
seasoning saves our meal!! i live in charlotte, nc

I love your seasoning. I have given it as a present to several friends who also use it in their own ways. My favorite is to roast a chicken with it. I slather the seasoning all over the chicken and roast it for an hour in a 425 oven-delicious!
Make sure you get it in Krogers - that's the only store within my radius!

We love Zeus. It is a terrific dry-rub for my ribs! These are pork ribs, of course...but I'm sure it would be great for beef as well. I also use it as a rub on my grilled chicken and grilled corn. The seasoning is so versatile and it is unlike anything I can find in stores. It is so much better than the "all purpose" seasonings offered by other brands. It has a unique flavor.

I have been using Zeus seasoning for many years. Last year, I ordered a dozen bottles and gave it to my friends for Christmas. They all love it. When I was visiting in the Charleston area recently, I bought a big bottle of it, which my daughter saw when she was here. I had to send her home to California with some of it. She had used all of her Christmas gift bottle and swears she can't cook without it now. My friends, daughter and I use it on poultry, salads, vegetables, dips, omelets, fish, roasts, really anything that needs a savory burst of flavor. It adds a spot of color as a finishing touch to deviled eggs, cheese or vegetable side dishes. It would be great to be able to buy it at a local store rather than having to special order it. I do order lots of specialty food items through Amazon these days, so I would love for it to be available for Prime shipping. That would be as convenient for me as having it in a local store.

I use Zeus no salt seasoning on so many different foods, but mostly use it on fish. I put it on all fish that I bake, grill, and sauté including, but not limited to Salmon, Cod, Mahi, Grouper, Flounder, and Talapia. I have used it on Scallops, Shrimp, and Chicken as well for baking, grilling, and sautéing. I like the Zeus no salt seasoning on vegetable medleys as well. It gives everything a wonderful taste and makes everything I use it on taste better than any other spices I have used in the past. ZEUS IS MY FAVORITE AND THE MOST USED SPICE IN MY CABINET!

I use Zeus seasonings on everything...meats and vegetables, soups and stews. I like the NO SALT selection too.

How wonderful! Zeus seasoning is a staple in our kitchen. Our favorite dish is “Zeus Roasted Potatoes”! A little olive oil in the bottom of a pan, stir in lots of Zeus seasoning, toss in cut-up potatoes or mini red potatoes and bake. Fabulous! We also season green beans with a little olive oil and lots of Zeus. Delicious! We also use on chicken and steaks and grill.
I’m looking forward to being able to purchase in our grocery store in 2014.

Thank you,
Doreen DesPierre

A staple in my household every week is "griddled" chicken with Zeus seasonings. I rub boneless skinless chicken breasts with olive oil, and shake on the Zeus seasonings. We then cook them on a griddle. One thing that's nice about the Zeus seasonings is it doesn't have an over abundance of salt. The Salt free is also a great choice.
We also use Zeus for whole chickens and shrimp.

I love the Zeus Seasoning! Although it's a Greek seasoning, I use it any time I am eating a tomato based Italian dish. Even the better sauces sometimes seem bland and made for the masses, but I add Zeus seasoning to my dish and Zoom! It brings all the flavors to life! Not in a spicy hot way, but in a I'm eating someone's special secret recipe that must have been passed down over many generations way! I hope to see this item close to the pasta section. Spice sections of grocery stores are already over stocked, and I find it difficult to find my other "special" seasonings mixed in there somewhere that moves every time I go back for some more.
I enjoy using your seasonings mainly on fish, lamb and vegetables. Its a very flavorful blend of spices and would welcome the expanded availability as long as quality is not affected.

Love Zeus on both chicken and fish. I do both on the grill and squeeze on a little fresh lemon juice when I take them off. Everyone loves it!

We absolutely love your seasoning and have used it for several years now. Nothing else compares to the flavor when used on ribs, which is our favorite. We also use the seasoning on other grilled meats such as chicken, and even use to sprinkle on vegetables such as roasted or creamed potatoes.
Donna Franklin

We LOVE zeus!! we use it on all sorts of meats, but particularly burgers and steaks. We want to purchase this in our local stores, if possible!!!
Jenni and Andy Ask
1016 Dunbar Hill Rd
Grantham, NH 03753

We use Zeus' a lot. Broiled/grilled chicken mostly--my teenaged son's favorite way to use it!
I've used it on fish and pork too!

We love Zeus and use it on grilled chicken, fish, pork, vegetables
I would love to have it available in a store!
Wendie Nelson

I love my Zeus seasoning and would love nothing better then to pick it up at Publix in Fort Myers or Cape Coral! I put it in lots of foods. Scrambled eggs or omelets, chicken or beef on the grill. Soups, stews! Must I go on! How about the best hamburgers on the block!
I love Zeus!
Gretchen Bennett
Saint James City, Fl.

We love your product and primarily use Zeus seasoning as a rub to season pork BBQ, on hamburgers, and on baked fish.
This is the best seasoning I have ever use. I use it on all of my meat and season. The flavor is so different from any other season I have ever use and its good for the body. I just order 6 bottles and give several to my friends and they love and will began ordering them self online.

We are very excited that you will be selling in grocery stores.
I use it on everything we grill, ie, fish, chicken, steaks, pork chops, burgers, any meat we cook on the grill.
Zeus goes on it!
Thank you,
Kelli Williams

I use Zeus seasoning primarily on meats especially beef. It provides a wonderful coating for a rib roast and other steaks. It works well on Chicken, pork and lamb. I sometimes use it on fish and vegetables. I live in north Atlanta and use Publix as my regular grocery store. I would love to see it there in future.
Dale Zeigler

I use in place of salt on EVERYTHING !!!!! Good stuff Dr S

To Whom It May Concern:

I use Zeus seasoning on all types of meat, poultry and fish. I also use it when grilling vegetables. I usually shop at the Publix Supermarkets in my area.

This stuff is THE BOMB...a friend of ours gave us a bottle and now we are completely hooked. Can't cook a thing without it. Try it - you won't be able to do without it!! JWW ABQ, NM

I put worchestire on pork chops and season with Zeus then grill and everyone raves about them. great with grilled sweet potatoes. Kimberly- Winter Haven, Fl

Use this to season chicken and just about everything else I cook--it's great!!

What do you "Zeus"? We "Zeus" just about everything - all meats & fish, eggs, veggies, grilled things, seared things, etc. We make sure the new bottle is ordered before the old one is too close to running out. The best all-around seasoning there is!

I'm thankful I can purchase it on line! The best seasoning around. I use it for everything you can imagine! There is no other Greek seasoning on the market that compares to Zues! Believe me, I've tried them all and have searched for one that equals this one...there isn't any! Thank you for a fabulous product that never changes or disappoints! I'll forever be a lifelong customer.

buy it for yourself, buy it for a gift. love the zeus seasoning. my cousin uses it when he makes beef jerky, we use it on grilled anything (veggies, meat). Love it in tuna salad!

This is the BEST stuff for Chicken Wings. My husband has a famous following for the wings he makes with this special secret ingredent. Thanks for all the awesome parties!

Love this seasoning! I used it on salmon with lemon juice and had to give a bottle of it away to one of my guests. Wonder if the salt free one is as good... GG
This is the best seasoning out there! It's the perfect seasoning for so many foods, and there's no MSG, which is important because MSG makes me ill. I've moved to the Chicago area since, and it's not available in the stores up here... so I'm very happy it can be purchased on line. If you haven't tried this stuff, you really don't know what you're missing! Tim Chicago, IL

It's the greatest seasonings My best friend husband grills some chicken with it and I want to know what the taste was and he gave me a bottle and I am lover for life.

My pantry would never be without Zues seasoning or my food would be bland. Young women, wake up! The way to a man's heart is always his stomach.

I love this seasoning. I add it to vegetable soup as the only seasoning. Great on fried eggs, too.

My brother Alan and I have fallen in love with this seasoning........we use it on a lot of things, our favorite is on avocados.

This seasoning is FANTASTIC , we use it on almost everything!

We love Zeus seasoning and try to buy it when we are in SC so that we don’t have to buy it online. It would be awesome to be able to buy in locally in MD. It is good on pretty much every food, but especially on grilled chicken and Greek potatoes.

I use your seasoning on chicken, pork, and fish. I also add it to my salads. I usually buy it in 4s so I can give it to friends and family. It is a great product!!!
Marvin Carter

I love Zeus. I season all meats with it before roasting or barbequing.

Love your seasoning. Use it every day on meats, salads, vegetables. I live in Fernandina Beach, FL
Look forward to seeing Zeus on the spice shelf at Publix.
Mary Miller

Like the seasoning. It's my go-to spice medley. Especially good in marinara, sauces and soups. Also, cold cut type sandwiches, meatballs and grilled chicken.
Would be a major convenience to have at local stores.
Larry Preston
Vito Goldberg's Pizzeria
Marietta/Smyrna GA

Dear Zeus Foods, I really like your Greek seasoning mix very much. I put it on chicken, fish and vegetables. Really wish I could buy it at my local food markets.
Yours truly, Jo Ann Bursuk, Ft. Lauderdale, Florida
Oh my, I am happy to be a spokesperson!! I have been using this and gifting it to friends around the world for years. It is my 1# go to seasoning- the salt free variety- for everything from salads, meat, fish, poultry, stews, etc. My baked lemon potatoes are asked for by name by friends if we entertain or go to a pot luck. I was born and raised in Charleston but we are a military family and have lived around the US and overseas. No other spice mix performs like this one anywhere. Thanks for keeping it the same for these many years.

Dear Zeus Seasoning,
We love your product, and hope you will be successful in coming to a grocery store in our area. In the meantime, we have more an a few containers of Zeus in our pantry. So, we're stocked for the moment.
Our favorite use for Zeus is on meats, especially club steaks. Takes it to a whole new level. Thanks for spicing things up a little.
We like Zeus seasoning for its flavour and the fact that it can be purchased with or without salt - vital for someone with kidney problems who wants an alternate way to make food taste better! We use it on all cooked vegetables as well as meats (including Thanksgiving turkey!), and find it especially tasty on summer salads - flavour without added salt! Without it, to us, food tastes flat.

We have given bottles of Zeus Seasoning to family members as gifts. One member uses it on every vegetable, meat and casserole that she cooks and is often asked what her secret ingredient is. When her supply gets low, she rations what’s left, then hints that she needs more for Christmas or birthday.
Catherine McCrae, Ontario, Canada

I use both regular and salt free zeus seasoning. I use it specifically for venison meatballs. Generally, I put zeus on eggs, baked potatoes and some veggies. I have made a salmon dry rub with it, only adding some brown sugar.

Great idea but caution on the specialty food stores......the only thing I buy from them is something I cannot find elsewhere...if there is any possible way I can find or develop another means of sourcing I will go to the extra effort. Specialty food stores are way over priced for my budget. If you need someone to market for you in NC let me know.
Keith Haislip

I absolutely love the Zeus seasoning! I typically use it on my barbecue ribs and chicken, as well as grilling steaks, chops, etc.
Definitely hope to see it in local grocers in the Indianapolis area! Thanks!

I marinate Lamb Chops with Zeus for 24 hrs and then grill them on the BBQ grille turning every 2-3 min with the grille on med hi until the internal meat temp is 130-135*F. If outside is getting over caramelized I move to indirect heat to finish. My wife is a Lamb Chop aficionado and this is her favorite.
Chicken the same way as well as Spare ribs both Saint Louis and Baby Back. adjusting the temps slightly.
Zeus Seasoning, is the premier Greek seasoning in my not so humble assessment.
Best of luck in your future endeavors.

Zeus Foods –We love, love, love the zeus seasoning….We always buy a case of it and end up sharing it with our family and friends. They all love it too! We use zeus on pretty much everything we cook…. burgers, chicken, pork, grilled veggies…you name it. We even make sure that we keep it stocked in our camper.
We shop at Publix in New Smyrna Beach, FL.
Would love to be able to buy it in our local grocery store.
Thank you Zeus Foods!
Karla Pacini
New Smyrna Beach, FL
It would be great to get this locally. I use it on almost everything, put especially on pork and hamburger. It adds just the right amount of seasoning without using a ton of salt

Great product use on steaks a fish

I started trying to reduplicate a salmon dish served at Fatz 9 years ago (salmon prepared with a "red" spice blend, topped with Alfredo sauce and a few saute shrimp, and served with almond rice pilaf and mixed vegetables). When searching my cupboard, I tried the Zeus spice blend and it was PERFECT with this dish. Ironically, it was this dish helped me appreciate and love your spice blend.
Later, I learned to use it on fried potatoes, (ie., diced potatoes fried in a little oil in a skillet on the stove top. Cover with a lid and use a spatula to turn the potatoes several times while cooking. When fork tender, take the lid off and add chopped onion, a generous amount of Zeus spice blend,and a small amount salt and pepper. Continue frying until the potatoes are browned). Your spice blend really boosts the flavor of fried potatoes, a favorite with the country people in this area! ( roots are showing! ).
I usually buy by the larger jar and refill my smaller shaker. If it was available in a local store, I would be more likely to buy it, than ordering online. I live in the 37743 zip code, so I am situated between the Johnson City and Morristown markets.
Thank you for reaching out to me!
Karen Millard
p.s. If you have never tried your spice blend with fried potatoes, try it!!! It makes them awesome!

I put Zeus seasoning as a dry rub on virtually any meat, poultry or fish. I get many compliments on the taste of the food when I use Zeus.

We sell your product to our salmon customers. Salmon is great grilled with olive oil and Zeus.

I have used Zeus (msg free) seasonings for years. I have used it for a unique seasoning for a number of things like soups & salads but I really like using it to season roasted chicken and I especially enjoy using it as a key part of my seasoning when I make a rib eye roast. It would be a nice convenience to find it locally at a grocery store.

I use Zeus seasonings on meat and vegetables. It is wonderful on either. My family love Zeus seasonings. It is the best seasoning I have.

We cannot/do not cook without Zeus! We use Zeus in soups, roasted veggies, fish, etc and used to use on all meats except that we no longer eat meat. Zeus seasoning is a great product which we have given to many friends who also continue to use it. Chip Price

I love your greek seasoning. use it on lamb & chicken all the time. sometimes on steak. still have a lot tho. would love to re-stock locally. either at Trader Joe's or Safeway. thanks

Hi - I use your seasoning on chicken (bone-in breast) and pork ALL the time, and my family LOVES it!
Please contact Bill Shaw, the owner of Calmart in Calistoga, CA (we're in the northern tip of the Napa Valley - a culinary haven), and tell him I sent you.
Additionally, you will want to contact Sunshine Foods and Dean & Deluca in St. Helena, CA as well - another fabulous local grocery store used by locals and tons of tourists alike.
Best of luck and hope to see Zeus on the store shelves!

I love Zeus seasoning because you can get it without salt and because it's free of MSG. I enjoy it on chicken, especially chicken wings. I cover them in it and bake them in the oven. They're crispy and delicious coming out of the oven. Everyone who has had them has enjoyed it.
When I had access to farm raised quail, I would season those with Zeus and they were also amazing under the broiler. (back in Florida it was one of my favorites!)I've searched for alternatives but have yet to find any. Thanks!
We use Zeus seasoning on chicken , pork, and oven roasted potatoes . I shop at Publix in Ballentine SC and would love to be able to buy it locally . Louis East

I use Zeus extensively on meat, poultry, seafood and egg dishes. It is a part of my homemade barbecue sauce and marinades as I've found this spice mix to be the most versatile. I also give it as gifts to other "cooks"!
Regards, Joe Rowe

How we use Zeus Seasoning and Dressing:
Well, for starters, we keep a shaker of Zeus seasoning on our dinner table next to the salt and pepper. My kids/teens will sprinkle Zeus on everything from rice and pasta to soup and pizza! We use the Zeus seasoning as a fabulous dry-rub on blackened salmon. We also use the Zeus dressing to make a delicious Greek style pasta salad. Now that I have access to good lamb, I look forward to Zeus seasoning on some homemade gyros! We live in Southern California and would love to see your products out here on the West Coast. There's a family owned, specialty food store chain here called Lassen's. Thanks for making a great product and Happy New Year!

I love Zeus seasonings. It is my go to seasoning for the grill. Nothing better on steaks and chicken. Would love to see the brand in the grocery store. I also always add a bottle to my hostess gifts because it is delicious and not many people know about it.

I use your seasoning on pork. I mix one part seasoning, 2 parts vinegar and one part olive oil. Brush over a boston butt, grill for an hour, reapplying mixture every 15 minutes and then finish up in the oven. It's delicious!
We also use it on potatoes, steak and shrimp!

Love, love, love my Zeus!!!!! I have been using for many years and it would be nice to be able to purchase locally instead of having to buy a case at time. It is such a versatile seasoning and makes a great baked chicken seasoning. I use it in soups, slaw, egg salad……etc. Works well with just about everything. It is my favorite seasoning of all time and believe me I have tons and tons of spices but always reach for Zeus. It is the absolute best!!!!!!!!!

I love the Zues seasoning. I use it mainly on Tilapia. I rub olive oil into the Tilapia and sprinkle generously with Zues seasoning and then bake it in the oven. It is DELICIOUS and my family loves it. We eat it with rice and vegetables. I season all types of fish with Zues and I use it on roasted vegetables. It is very good on corn and cauliflower roasted in the oven.

It's worth it to me to pay the shipping to have something not everyone else in my area has, but ok…
We use it on roasted chicken, roasted fish, roasted potatoes, and in salad dressing. I buy it by the large jar and usually get 3 or more at a time. It is a staple.

I would be happy to recommend Zeus Seasoning to anyone. One reason that I really like Zeus is because of the low sodium content. I can use it more liberally and don't have to work about making the dish too salty. I really like using Zeus on venison kabobs. It really adds a nice flavor! Zeus works really well on all meats and I would highly recommend it to anyone.

*I love Zeus seasonings. We use it on everything. My problem is being able to get it. Currently the only way that I can get it is online, but then you have to pay shipping handling.

I use Zeus a lot - always for pork, often for chicken and beef. Sometimes for fish. I find it broils very well, and tend to use it on things that are going in the broiler or on the grill in the summer. But my pork chop recipe is a long slow simmer on the range with onions and it wouldn't be the same without Zeus. I particularly value that it doesn't have MSG, which I do my best to avoid.
Locally in the Philadelphia area, a couple of specialty stores you might consider are Carlino's (which is an Italian deli, but they have a grocery section) in Ardmore, PA, and DiBruno Bros. which is much larger with several stores but still local.
Good luck.

Love your product. We use it on trout, salmon and steaks. We shop at Harris Teeter in Winston Salem NC

We have used Zeus Greek Seasoning for years. Our favorite uses are as the basis for homemade Greek dressing, as an additive to store bought potato salad (along with extra chopped onions) and as a seasoning for baked fish. Natalie and Marvin Harris

Thank you for allowing us to contribute! Our family uses your seasoning on almost everything we cook. Chicken, steak, and vegetables ALL taste better with Zeus. (The only things I don't use it in are sauces and baked goods).I hope this is the feedback you were looking for. Feel free to email me anytime :) Tiffany DiFiore
I love Zeus seasoning particularly on lamb chops but have also used it on steaks. I live east of Atlanta, GA. Please send a list of grocery stores who will carry this product. I'm sure I can recommend it to many others if it is locally available. Great idea and good luck!

I love your products and use it mostly on Chicken and pork.
I'll gladly give my suggestions--I love Zeus Seasoning and use it to season a lot of foods I eat. I add it to spaghetti sauce, rice dishes, chicken soup, steamed vegetables, salads (oil & vinegar salad dressings) and probably more items.
Shoreline, WA

This is a GREAT product, and I use it on all my fried turkeys, chicken, fish, burgers, You name it. I even use it on salads. My wife says I am addicted to it. May be, but it sure is good. Good luck on getting it back in the stores. I am out of it right now, and will be calling to get another large container sent to my house soon. Guess I will just have to pay the shipping .

I absolutely LOVE Zeus!! I use it on oven roasted potatoes, pot roast, pork roasts, and even in hamburgers. I would love to be able to get it in my local stores.

I love Zeus Seasonings!
The first time I tried Zeus it was at a friend's house I was visiting in another state. It was incredible how good it make the food taste without causing it to be too salty or over spiced! My friend out West keeps me supplied with Zeus Seasoning around the holidays still, but it's not the same as going out and purchasing it whenever you want to.


I use Zeus Seasonings on a lot of things! I buy the Greek seasoning in regular and no salt added as well.
I use it on chicken, fish (salmon, crab, whiting, talapia, tuna), beef (hamburgers, steaks), turkey! In stews, potato latkes, Indian Somosa's, beans (Cuban black beans, lima beans, refried beans), black eye peas and many other dishes to add flavor and spice without heat to my foods/recipes. It really has a very unique flavor that I can't get from the other seasonings in my local store.
My family and I just love it!
If I could find it in my area that would be so wonderful and I would not have to rely on my friend to go out of her way and send it to me or order it online! The shipping is a real turn-off! I'd love to be able to buy bottles of it for gifts as well! :)
I think people would love to find Zeus Seasonings in their local stores and it would be a staple in every kitchen!
Please let me know if it becomes available soon and in what stores! I'd love to see it in Walmart Supercenters, Food Lion, Piggly Wiggly, Harris Teeter, Lowe's Foods, and Kroger's! A bulk size in Sam's club would be awesome!
Good luck!

Good Morning, this would be great news!
I love your seasoning but hate buying it by the case; I usually have to find people to split the cost of the case.

We use it on everything! And....we love it. It is the best!

I love Zues seasoning! We buy it by the case and I put it on all of my meats. I even use it on vegetables for the grill! I have recommended it to many friends.

Zeus is our favorite seasoning for fish, our oldest Grandson uses it to flavor many things, he loves it. It is the perfect blend of flavors to compliment, yet not overpower our favorite foods.

I put your seasoning on New York Strip Steak and other red meats, vegetables, eggs, poultry and fish. Would love to have this in my local Kroger and Publix store. Please, please get Zeus Foods in local stores!!
I use the Traditional Greek Seasoning when grilling everything and when making my BBQ sauces. It has become a must have in my spice cabinet.
We use this on chicken, steaks, and turkey - all done on the grill. We coat the turkey and chicken in mustard to
hold the seasoning on and then grill until done. It is fabulous.
Judy Brindel

I bought my first container of Zeus Seasoning more than a decade ago... or so it seems.
It was an instant hit in my home.
I started order Zeus directly both the salt free and the salt included versions and shared it with my extended family, it became the most anticipated present of each thanksgiving.
I ran out many months ago during lean economic times and have greatly missed the spice mix. I have kept the empty jar on the shelf so I have the reminder and the website information for when I can afford to buy another bulk delivery.
For me it would be wonderful to be able to buy a jar at a time on an as-needed basis. I am sure that there is a great potential for this unique and impressive spice mix.
Do I like it? Yes! and I used it in many different ways.... on Roasted Lamb it is amazing just as a plain rub or sometimes mixed into yoghurt covering.
Roast Chicken Rub and roasted and roasted... and on Grilled Swordfish!!
Added zip in lackluster soups and stews... especially leftovers.
Probably the largest usage however is on Ruffled Root Vegetables - Potatoes, Parsnips - always a well received side dish:
Boil the roots for a few minutes, maybe 5 or 10 just to soften the outside a little.
Drain all the water and add a little oil (maybe olive oil - butter is the best or even a little goose fat if you have it)
Add the Zeus - (for this I use the salted version unless the butter is too salty)
Put the lid back on and "Ruffle" the pot to mix and give the roots a more complex surface
spread them out on a baking pan and roast at 400 or so for about 20 mins or until cooked and golden
Looking forward to seeing this old friend back in the market!
Andrew Okell

We use Zeus on just about everything. french fries, burgers, salads, soups, chicken. We use it instead of salt on, again, just about everything!
Hi, we love Zeus seasoning we use it as a dry rub for chicken that we grill. We also use it in our recipe for blackened fish. I have added it to chili, dry beans and some veggies that need an extra zip. Will be glad to see it in grocery stores.

I made cheese grits with Zeus and Louisiana hot sauce this morning!
I use Zeus on tilapia and catfish. I also use it when I make hashbrowns. Zeus puts the right pep in many foods.

We will NOT eat ribs or pork chops without Zeus! We have been fans for your product



My mother in law who lives in Fla., gave us a couple of bottles of Zeus seasoning several years ago. To our dismay, we could not find it here in Ohio. I was overjoyed to find that I could order Zeus seasoning from your web site. We love your product! In fact, we cant live without it. It would be wonderful if we could buy it at our local grocery store!!
Zeus is good in many of our foods we prepare.
I cant tell you enough great uses for Zeus seasonings. I use it in all my dry batters for chicken and pork. I use it to marinate my beef dishes. It is extremely delicious when used with worcestshire sauce, fresh garlic and allowed to mingle with steaks in a plastic bag for several hours. We sprinkle Zeus in our fried potatoes, with onions, fresh garlic and apples. It is good in salads and also we like it on veggies. So good!! We use Zeus everyday.

I am happy to hear you want to put Zeus in grocery stores. I frequently use the unsalted Zeus. I occasionally use the salted Zeus. I love Zeus. I want to tell people how it balances flavor in so many dishes. When I did tell people about Zeus, they wanted to know where to get it. I told them to go to your web-site. Not everyone will shop this way. I love to tell people, especially busy people, how to improve their cooking easily. Which is what Zeus does.

We love the stuff. We use it every day and we are now on our last can. Keep up the good work.
My brother-in-law from Charleston introduced me to Zeus many years ago. Here in Tucson, AZ, we barbeque... a lot! Zeus is the perfect dry rub for almost any grilled meat: steak, ribs, chicken and especially pork chops. A light sprinkling on grilled fish is fabulous. It’s also wonderful on grilled veggies. Asparagus is my favorite. My family complains that I “put Zeus on everything”, but you go with what is good (and easy). I’m out again and will have to order on-line. I sure wish I could get it from my local grocer!
I love this seasoning and have looked for it everywhere in GA and NY. couldn't find it anywhere so I had to order it. I love it on poultry and especially on seafood. I sprinkle it on shrimp and tilapia while sautéing in pan with butter and put it over noodles or rice. it is the only way my teenager will eat seafood. also love to sprinkle it on turkey or chicken before baking in oven.
I have been using the Zeus Greek Seasonings for many, many years. I use it on everything...meat and vegetable dishes. I love the fact that they now have a No Salt version. It's absolutely my favorite spice! Barbara
We put Zeus on just about everything. If we grill fish we put it in the fish cavity, the same goes with roast chicken or turkey. At steak on the grill or chicken are also enhanced by flavor and color with Zeus. We were introduced several years ago when by brother-in-law picked it up at the Zeus store. We have been buying it on line every since. It would be nice to be able to get it at the local markets in Kansas City.
Our particular choice is the one without salt are we are conscious about salt intake.

Great idea. I use it in all soups, stews, spaghetti sauce, roasts, etc. It really great. I haven't used it for everything on your label, but I'm working on it. Thank you

My family loves to use Zeus for grilling. We use it on steaks and chicken but we especially like it on grilled seafood including salmon and shrimp

I love your Zeus seasoning and use it on almost everything I cook, that is why I buy it online in large quantities so I don't run out

I live in the Omaha, NE area. Grocery stores here include Hy-Vee, Bakers and BagNSave. We also have a Whole Foods and Trader Joes. Wohlner’s is a specialty market.
I have used your Greek Seasoning for many years since I lived in Mt. Pleasant SC until about 6 years ago. It would be great if I could get it here as we feel the need to ration what we have ordered online. I use it on everything but mostly as a seasoning for vegetables (peas, corn) that we heat in the microwave. Hope this helps!

We love your product, and hope you will be successful in coming to a grocery store in our area. In the meantime, we have more an a few containers of Zeus in our pantry. So, we're stocked for the moment.
Our favorite use for Zeus is on meats, especially club steaks. Takes it to a whole new level. Thanks for spicing things up a little.

We like Zeus seasoning for its flavour and the fact that it can be purchased with or without salt - vital for someone with kidney problems who wants an alternate way to make food taste better! We use it on all cooked vegetables as well as meats (including Thanksgiving turkey!), and find it especially tasty on summer salads - flavour without added salt! Without it, to us, food tastes flat.
We mostly use the seasoning as a dry rub for beef and lamb. I would love to be able to purchase it locally!
Store Management,
My LAMB LOLLIPOPS have been my go to recipe for several years when my wife and I entertain, They are the most asked for item by many returning party attendees.
Often when asked what was your fav from tonight's menu, the lamb is always the 'star' !!!
Why, Zeus Seasoning is my secret 'marinade', cut racks, brush lightly with olive oil, rub and let them rest for several hours, I most often let my party guest cook there own (another tip), therefore hot and fresh off the grill !!!!
I also serve the Lollipops with a 'Red Wine Reduction Dip', seasoned with the Zeus spices.
I love this seasonings, and so do my guest !!!

Yes, we cook with Zeus regularly. We use it with practically everything from meats and chicken to eggs and vegetabls, even salads. It's a sad day when the Zeus runs out! In our kitchen, Zeus is as indespensable as salt and pepper. We would love to see it in the local market.
We were pleased to hear you will be marketing your product in grocery and specialty stores as it has become a staple seasoning in our home. Please contact Publix with your proposal. We particularly enjoy Zeus on chicken and pork, particularly when grilling and smoking.

Zeus is the seasoning to beat. Any piece of meat I put on the grill gets it. Got a pot of bland soup or chili? A few generous shakes of Zeus turns it gourmet. It is good on nearly anything. It's hard to over Zeus or under Zeus. I love it so much I buy in bulk, just so I can give it away to people I love.

Hi, Thank you for your email. I find Zeus seasoning to be very versatile. I use it almost every time I cook. It goes well with all meats and vegetables. I have even used it on eggs. I would welcome the stocking of Zeus in grocery and specialty stores. Best wishes! Bob Walker. Evans Georgia


Dear cool Zeus people,
I use only the No Salt variety, because salt makes me puke! As for uses, I literally use it on, or in, practically everything. Let me tell ya man - six bottles doesn't last very long!
So, you need to make sure you distribute your product in Louisville, Kentucky first, because that's where I am.
Dear Zeus Family
I love the traditional seasoning! Let me tell you a story - my boy friend Eric asked me what we were having for dinner - I said how about shrimp taco's - he's a picky eater, the look on his face was not so good BUT I make taco's and seasoned the shrimp with Zeus and he loved them! We were eating fish/shrimp taco's 3/4 days a week, always using Zeus. I was like give me a break! I had my original bottle for quite some time but after the taco incident I order 2 $5.00 bottles - we ran out oh a couple of months ago and I just haven't ordered more. I have tried other spices - they just don't add up - we love Zeus. Your e-mail was my reminder - I just ordered the big 32oz bottle!
Call Woodman's grocery store, pretty please

We love Zeus!It's our favorite way to prepare local fresh Northwest salmon, either on the grill or in the oven. Hope it's available in stores here soon.

Hi Zeus:
I have been purchasing your Zeus "King of all Seasonings" for years.
I am never without it, I coat my chicken, my fish and all meats that I grill with this seasoning. I have my son in TN. also hooked on it, so that when I purchase it on line, I send bottles to him for gifts. I also use this seasoning as my secret ingredient in my chicken and tuna salads. My salads are always a hit whenever I serve them.
I do hope that you would be successful in making your products available in supermarkets in
FL. we have Publix, Winn-Dixie in my area.
Thank you very much, a very dedicated Zeus customer of many years.

I love the greek seasoning, since I bought about a dozen several years ago. I would strongly support your marketing these!

I usually order 6 containers of your salt free Zeus seasoning. I use about 3 of them and give 3 away to others who also like your seasonings.
For the most part I use your seasoning on Lamb and Foul meats. I have also used it in stews when I want a little bit more of a Greek/Mediterranean flavor. I also like that you have the no salt choice available. I am on a reduced salt diet and this has been wonderful as I can then control the amount of sodium when seasoning my food's.
I have tried many different Greek/Mediterranean seasonings and yours is the one that I always come back to. I have been using your product for about 15 years now. I have purchased fresh seasonings from Penzey's and other spice house's which have good product, but so far no one has been able to equal the flavor your spice combination uses. The few 'Greek' seasoning offerings at the local supermarkets fall way short of the flavor your product provides. I wish you the best as you bring your product to a broader market.


I was so thankful to go online and find Zeus seasoning! I would love to see Zeus seasoning at my Harris Teeter (I live in NC now). I take a cast iron skillet coated with extra virgin olive oil and sauté potato chunks heavily coated in Zeus seaoning. It is SO fantastic! My son will only eat green beans with a shake of Zeus. It is also a must seasoning on my chicken gyros.
Other greek seasonings I've tried are too salty tasting and aren't flavorful.
I need more soon and will watch for it at my grocery store!

My family and I love Zeus Seasonings. It is very versatile, and we use it on meat, fish, and potatoes. It is a great product.

We have been using Zeus for about 12 years. Could never find it so we order online. We love it on all fish, we also use it when grilling chicken. It has wonderful flavors.
I hope to see it in local grocery stores soon.

We love Zeus Seasonings and have been using your products for 10+ years. We apply Zeus Seasonings to all meats and some vegetables. We have introduced many friends to Zeus Seasonings and all have loved the flavor enhancements.
Please be sure to sell Zeus Seasonings at Market Basket grocery stores - Nashua, NH


I use the Zeus seasoning as the key ingredient in my Greek Chicken (with roasted potato). I also add it to some tomato sauces and use it as an ingredient in my dry rub. It is a unique flavor that I enjoy having in my pantry.

I love Zeus seasoning! I use it in several things, including vegetables (my son loves it in green beans), in meats, hamburgers and even on potatoes. It's good on everything, and love that it has no MSG! Once I moved to Georgia, I had to order online! I would love to be able to buy it locally! I have given several bottles to friends and family who love it, too!
Stacey Yates


Several years ago I picked up a bottle of Zeus seasoning somewhere just out of curiosity (lived on Crete for a couple of years and liked the local food and seasonings). It quickly became my favorite for grilling, particularly for steaks. After trying many other seasonings over the years, Zeus
stands out as my all-time best, and all I use for my steaks. But, when that first bottle was gone, I could not find it again in any of the stores I shop (Food Lion, Ukrop's- now Martins, Costco). In despiration I tried the internet search and discovered your restaurant where Zeus was available. So, for some years now, I periodically order cases of Zeus for my own use and for sharing with friends and relatives. They usually ask where they can get more but all I can say is go to Zeus on the internet.

We LOOOVEE Zeus seasoning and use it almost daily. The most common items we use it with are chicken and fish and virtually everyone who has had a meal with us comment on the full flavor.
Having Zeus seasoning in our grocery store would be extrememly welcomed! We shop the most at Price Chopper and Wegmans.
Zeus Seasoning lovers

Omg I love your seasoning! I use it on vegetables, in soups, in stews, in omelets, in rice, couscous. It’s the only way I can get my 12 year old to eat her vegetables! It’s especially good on green beans. Everyone always wants to know my “secret ingredient”. I hope you reach your goal!

Use it on pork loin, chicken, roast, pork chops, beef tenderloin. Good stuff!

We love Zeus! I was so happy when I discovered it online! I'd like to see it in Publix or Fresh Market. Thanks!!

I use Zues in almost everything. Meat of all kinds, grilled, roasted, fried, baked, etc., eggs, pasta, sauces, sprinkled on vegetables... The list goes on and on. I have found very little that can't be enhanced by a little Zeus! I would love to have it available in the grocery stores here in Fargo, ND. I tell me friends and family about it and anytime I cook with it I get questions about where to find that seasoning.

We LOVE Zeus! We use it on lamb, fish, chicken and steak

We love Zeus Greek seasoning on baked chicken breasts and use it regularly for a week night meal. We have also had it on turkey, baked chicken, potatoes and other main dishes. The best Greek seasoning in our opinion and we are PICKY!!!

We really love the greek seasonings. We use it on chicken, shrimp and potatoes.

I would like y'all to put Zeus seasoning in the grocery stores. Thank you,

I like to sauté meat with Zeus and sprinkle it on vegetables
Thanks for the opportunity to comment on your products. We do, indeed, love your seasonings and we use them on or in quite a few different things including pork, beef, vegetables and sauces. I would say, however, that the most popular dish we use them on is grilled salmon. Without going into too much detail, it is a dish that we have prepared using Zeus products for about six or seven years and find it to be outstanding.
While we intend to continue using your products - whatever we have to do to get them - we would be absolutely delighted if you were able to convince the stores in our area to carry them. If you need more information on stores we would recommend you contact, just let me know. Otherwise, we trust your judgement - just let us know where you have success!!!!
Thanks again for the opportunity to participate in this effort. If we can assist in other ways, please let us know.

I live in Zip Code 80751 which is Sterling, CO. My favorite Zeus products are the Traditional Greek Seasoning and the No Salt Greek Seasoning. Been using both of these for years on poultry, pork, fish, and salads. If I run out I order the products by the 6-pack direct from Zeus. Would love to see the production in our local stores.

I use Zeus on a regular basis in my cooking;
using it mostly on meats; chicken, pork, seafood or beef.
It is very good to season and bake, saute, or grill any of the above meats.
I have also used it to season veggies.
I would love to see Zeus in the grocery stores in my area!!! I plan on using it as long as I can obtain it!!

I love ZEUS Seasoning! I have to order it on line. I would love it if I could just go to my favorite grocer (Price Chopper, 72 Pullman Street, Worcester, MA) and purchase it when I want. It would be so much more convenient, and it is an item that I purchase frequently.
ZEUS Seasoning is so versatile... I use it on chicken, beef, pork, in soups, salads and stews... literally in nearly every dish I cook. It has the perfect blend of seasonings to compliment all the foods I mentioned, and every day I discover something new to use it in. I simply don't cook without it!
Love it everything!! Veggies. Chicken. Pork chops etc. If you grill chicken it is almost impossible to dry it out with this miracle seasoning. My whole family loves it. Inlaws included end. My other in law uses it on everything too!!
I have used Zeus seasoning for over 8 years. I first starting using it to season a pan seared tilapia fish for a dialysis patient. It adds a tremendous flavor to fish dishes without adding calories. Must admit I haven't tried it on other foods, but would be very interested in other recipe suggestions. Really hope you can find some local stores to carry it.

I do love your seasoning! It's wonderful on everything from chicken
to potatoes to veggies! I've even used it to flavor buttered bread
(instead of garlic butter)
It would be great to have a local supplier- but I purchase it on line
when it's not available.
We love it. Mostly used on beef, but have tried on many things and have not been disappointed.
So happy I will be able to hopefully buy your WONDERFUL seasoning at my Fry's (Kroger) store in Surprise, AZ. I use Zeus on about everything I cook from breakfast eggs to any meat and/or vegetables made for dinner. It's great on french fries, too. Thanking for making this possible. B. Hatch
I discovered your product in Florida in 2004…I have been a believer ever since….Superb seasoning…Works on everything ! Omelets, Stir Fry, Roasted Chicken, Pork Roast, Salads Even sprinkled on Garlic bread….Tasty ! I live in North Carolina and would love to see it in local grocery stores ie Lowe’s Foods and Food Lion.Hal Lundquist PS I ordered a bunch and gave it to friends for Christmas……..Early reports indicate a big hit ! 
My favorite use for Zeus Seasoning is on Oven Fried Chicken - it gives a really special flavor.
meats when grilling chicken, fish and beef. really good on mixed vegies. put me down as a pleased user. bob kossak

That’s great news- I have been using Zeus seasoning for 15 years and have not found any other seasoning in the stores that comes close. I use it on pork (especially ribs) and poultry. My specialty is mesquite smoked turkeys with Zeus- fantastic! I hope to find Zeus back in local stores soon!

I love your seasoning, and use it on a wide variety of meats and seafood! I discovered your seasoning when I won a stay at a friend’s beach house as a prize in a charity auction. The friend happened to be a gourmet cook, and I found the seasoning in her kitchen and used it on some fresh caught tuna, which I grilled. It is a great product! Please encourage my grocery chain (Publix) to carry it!

We are a small Mom and Pop restaurant, and we use Zeus on our croutons. We make them with our left-over homemade bread. We dry them out, spray with pan spray and sprinkle on the Zeus. Our customers love them.

We use use Zeus Seasoning on all of our wild suggestion is to cover a venison tenderloin with olive oil, then coat with Zeus and cook rare to medium rare....on the grill or in the oven. It is a very versatile seasoning that enhances meat and poultry. Winston Read

I love Zeus seasoning on all kinds of meat. I make Souvlaki and Zeus is a must. I give it as a gift to most of my family, and they all look forward to it! They all ask me where I get it, and I tell them that I have to buy it online, so they wait every year for their bottle of Zeus. My family as well as myself would love to see it in local grocery stores, and if it was more available I would use a lot more of it!


Our relatives put it on salad - that's still our favorite. Second favorite: baked potatoes. But, truly, I use Zeus as an extra seasoning in about 90% of the dishes I make. I love its variety and its flavor combination.

I was given a bottle of your seasoning by a friend, and when it ran out, I just had to find you and order more. I spread the case out among friends and family, and we all agree that Zeus is great. My godson is a big fan. We use it on eggs, grilled cheese, and many different meats. It is terrific on salmon, chicken, lamb and beef.

I had also ordered a jar of your kalamata olives, and they were probably the best I've ever had. Plump and really flavorful.

Thanks for great products! I'd love to have them in my local store so I wouldn't have to order a case at a time.

We love Zeus seasonings on fish, poultry, meats, and salads. We have been buying it by the case, and giving it to friends who ask how we season the meals we serve them. We currently buy it online, but would love to be able to buy it locally again!

I love Zeus Seasoning. My boyfriend and I love it so much that we ordered lots of Zeus for each other last Christmas without knowing that each placed an order. So, we gave some away to our friends. They all love it too. We use it on steaks, pork chops, chicken, and ribs. It's good on popcorn too! We also make a mix of the no salt version with other seasonings for a different flavor. I would love to see Zeus at Jungle Jims and Kroger stores in the Cincinnati area.
Wonderful!! It's a versatile seasoning for cooking or just adding extra flavor to any kind of meat, seafood/fish or veggies regardless of how it's cooked (sautéed, baked, oven fried, grilled, steamed). Sprinkle it salads or garlic bread. Mix it with oil & vinegar for vinaigrette.
Though we've lost our favorite on Forest Drive in Forest Acres (Columbia), SC, we still have a couple of Piggly Wiggly stores around and they like to sell this kind of stuff. Try to stay out of Whole Foods (or as we call it whole paycheck). Bi Lo is another good option.

My very favorite is the King of Seasonings(Salt Free). I use it to add to add flavor to garden salads, meat salads, soups and nearly everything else. Chronia Polla! Pan

We ordered a case of Zeus to share with the family for Christmas presents as the guys in the family especially like it on just about everything. It enhances the flavor of salads, sandwiches, pasta dishes, meat, etc. without being too spicy or overpowering. Hope you are successful in getting it into retail stores!

I use ZEUS on mostly meats,but on occasions as a table sprinkle on for steamed veggies

I have enjoyed Zeus seasoning for years. We use it in stews, soups, roasted potatoes, beefsteak, chicken pot pie, and eggs. This is an all-purpose season that can liven up most meals. I would love to be able to purchase this spice at my grocery store. Now I am only able to buy it by the case from the manufacturer, which I have done. Please carry Zeus in your store. Thank you.

I have used Zeus seasonings on chicken and pork most often and occasionally on white fish (such as mahi mahi, cod or tilapia).

Our family loves Zeus seasoning! My mother found Zeus when she was teaching microwave cooking classes over ten years ago. I don't know which ingredients are responsible, but whatever it is used on comes out juicy, delicious and flavorfull. It has a wonderful blend of spices that meld together so well that not one flavor dominates over the others. We mainly use it on chicken and pork. It makes pork chops, especially the very lean, thick (and oftentimes dry) ones, tender and moist. Zeus is a "must keep in stock" for both Mom's and my kitchen.

Over the years I have continued to purchase the unsalted version due to health reasons to reduce salt in my diet. I would encourage you to market it as a healthy alternative as a salt substitute.
I use it as a seasoning on fish, chicken and pork mostly, and have found it to be an excellent rub for pork shoulders and boston butt when grilling and smoking.
Good Luck, great product,

I really enjoy the seasoning I use it on different things baked chicken vegetables and as a rib rub
Eggs! Awesome! Rotisserie chicken Soups

Dear Zeus Family;
Zeus seasoning has been a staple in my family for over 12 years. I can't even remember how we first acquired a jar, but we loved it and about panicked when it was close to empty. That led me to finding the web site and ordering it on line - we are now never without it (we even take it with us when traveling in case we have the opportunity to cook).
What do we use Zeus on? Meat:beef, chicken, pork, fish (mahi mahi, salmon, tuna, etc), shrimp. Vegetables: steamed, stir fried or sautéed potatoes, broccoli, cauliflower, carrots, corn (awesome on corn on the cob), green beans, lima beans, Brussels sprouts... We've added it to marinades and salad dressings and soups. It is one of the required spices when we're preparing north African cuisine such as a tagine, and obviously when ever we are cooking more Mediterranean dishes such as those with a Greek flavor.
In fact, I just asked my husband if there is anything he can think of that we simply would not even try Zeus on and he replied there was not - short of sweets - which we are not big on anyway.
I would love to see your family brand grow and offer Zeus to the general public in local stores and we wish you the best of luck in this venture. But if this does not happen in our area, or before we need to reorder our large bottle of Zeus - we'll be back to the website to purchase it directly.
Catherine Garcia
PS - Consider doing some demos at Costco stores (which are nationwide) as well as some of the larger East coast chains such as Publix in the South, Kroger in the mid-Atlantic, and Wegman's in Pennsylvania, NY, and the northern Virginia (DC) area. From experience, I know these grocery chains can be leaders in introducing new products and Costco does amazing things with lessor known, family based products. Again, good luck.

I have used Zeus seasonings on chicken and pork most often and occasionally on white fish (such as mahi mahi, cod or tilapia).

Good morning, I use Zeus on everything. I like to use it on meats ,stews, soups and burgers.Capt. Tom

Spinach/Feta Cheese Stuffed Chicken Breast
Split (butterfly) chicken breasts
Stuff with spinach, chopped garlic & feta cheese
Close breasts with toothpick or string
Coat lightly with olive oil
Season liberally with Zeus Greek Seasoning
Marinate overnight in refrigerator (or at least an hour)
Bake at 350 degrees till chicken is cooked (juices run clear)
Top with feta cheese and broil for a minute to melt/brown cheese
We also season lamb kabobs or leg of lamb with Zeus Greek Seasoning
Love your product since the early nineties when we vacationed to the Carolinas and ate at your restaurant for lunch. Our kitchen pantry is never without it.

I learned of Zeus seasonings during a cooking class. I routinely use it on chicken, turkey and fish (salmon, flounder, and tilapia). I don't season with any salt, but do routinely use Zeus, lemon/pepper, and/or Italian seasonings when I cook and I do cook every day

Zeus is my "go to" seasoning for everything. I buy it in bulk and have it at work, at home and even take it with me on vacation. I don't eat out much or I would carry it with me always. I have introduced a number of people to it and everyone loves it. It makes a wonderful gift.
I use it on my salad with a little bit of olive oil and never need any other dressing. My guests always want to know what I put on the steak because it makes any steak mouthwatering. I especially love it on avocado's and I even eat it on my oatmeal. It gives it a great flavor when you aren't wanting something sweet. It works well mixed with olive oil for dipping bread and I also use it to season raw nuts.
I have both the regular and salt free. The regular is what I use most often when I am preparing the meal, but the salt free works as a great addition to an already prepared meal without over salting it.
I would love for this to be available in stores, but with the volume I use I would still want to buy it in bulk.

We use Zeus Seasoning on steaks, roasts and in hamburgers. It gives the meats a wonderful new taste.
Nothing better than to cook a good steak on a charcoal grill.

I’m responding for my wife, Joyce. She is a terrific southern cook and uses Zeus every time she cooks. She uses it particularly on her baked chicken thighs, but she also puts in on any vegetable she roasts: broccoli, Brussels sprouts, asparagus, cauliflower, in tomatoes & okra -- whatever. It’s fantastic. She tells other people about it whenever the topic of cookery arises. Currently, she orders it by mail, but she’d love to see it on the shelves at our local Food Lion here in Gaffney, SC.
Many thanks for giving us the opportunity to give you Zeus folks our feedback.

I love my Zeus and am excited about the possibility of it being available in our local grocery stores.
I use Zeus on pretty much everything. Last evening alone, I added it as the coating on my pork roast and then added it as my season to my zucchini and summer squash that was being pan fried. I’ve even roasted potatoes using Zeus – again, my one seasoning that I prefer over all the name brand and big ticket seasonings! Zeus goes on everything…whether chicken, beef, pork, fish, veggies – even eggs! I don’t have another seasoning that I turn to! Zeus is my “Go To Seasoning” – I love the no salt kind as well. We were turned on to it by our family in Indiana and have turned on our friends and family here in New England to the seasoning.
I love your Zeus Seasoning on my grilled Salmon. I use olive oil , fresh orange juice; then Zeus Seasoning all over the top. Then as an option capers. Delicious!!! Sincerely, Marcelene Markwalter
I use your Zeus seasoning for many things, but what I like most is using it as a seasoning for baked fish, especially salmon.
Love the salt free Greek Seasoning. I use it in salad dressings (great with olive oil and vinegar), soups and spaghetti sauce. It's also great in bean dishes/casseroles and chili.

Hello, I've been using Zeus for 4 years. I've turned my family
onto it and they all love it in just about everything. My favorite application is BBQ pork. It's just right for a pork butt smoked or a roast rub But a little to salty for a rib rub. No problem, Your no salt seasoning solved that problem and everyone thinks I'm a pro. You have a great product and I will continue to use it on everything from salad to blackeyed peas. We're from Florida so we shop at Publix, Winn Dixie and of course Wal Mart. If you don't sell to these chains that's ok. I'll look all the better at the family BBQ. Thanks, Guy Favorite

Dear Zeus Foods,
Your spice has ruined my daughter! She has become so used to having Zeus spice on her steaks at home, that she will no longer eat steak away from home! We coat the steaks with Zeus spice liberally, let them sit for 20-30 minutes then grill them medium rare. Fantastic! Other steaks are just bland in comparison.
I originally ran up on Zeus spice at a grocery store somewhere. This, I think, was in the late eighties or early nineties I am not positive. I can no longer find it locally, or even in a good part of the state (I do travel a lot). I have ordered a case from you before and will do so again. Having Zeus in grocery stores certainly would be a great convenience! I heartily do give you my full endorsement with your products and your marketing of them!
My best to you!
Robert B. Martin
Blair, SC
I love it on Steak, Ribs,and Chicken.
Thanks for putting in stores. I'am out.

Hey guys,
My number one item: grilled salmon!!!
outstanding; place dry rub on fish before grilling.
Great to have it in the stores.
Robert J Lemmer
I think your Zeus spice is fabulous. I make the best fresh pork picnic roast in the world by first rubbing the entire roast with olive oil, then rubbing in liberal amounts of Zeus seasoning and roasting it uncovered in a foil lined pan @ 425F. You just can't get enough of this roast and at that roasting temp it stays very moist inside and just falls off the bone. A few years ago, I found your spice in Walmart; I used and loved it and could not find it there again. All the best in promoting your product.
Our family uses Zeus seasoning on just about everything we eat!! It’s really that good. We were introduced to it by a family in San Diego that used it primarily on seafood and shrimp. Given a gift bottle, we became Zeus addicts! Now we use it on everything from eggs in the morning to steaks at night. We use it as a primary “dry rub” with some garlic salt and pepper on our grilled meats. We use it in soups. Potatoes. Salads. It’s perfect for just about everything. I order the large refill bottle now to fill our cabinet size shaker plus order about a dozen bottles to give away as gifts every Christmas. Zeus is a staple in a cabinets as much as salt and pepper!! Love the stuff!!

We use Zeus on steaks and chicken and we add it to our chili also. Thanks for making a great product!

We discovered this seasoning in central NY when son in law brought it back from Charleston on a work trip there. Tried to find up there n/g. In the meantime my grandson in Ohio (11 year old) and his brother were picky eaters and requested this on their pork chops when grilled. Now I am in SC and was told I could find at York SC piggley wiggley but gave up after months of them promising the salesman would bring some home. Anyway, we have a good supply for now but would love to have access to it in this area. I am always asked if I have more to give my adult kids. We use it mostly on grilled steaks and marinades but now I use in my scrambled eggs and omelets!!! Thank you for your interest.

Hello there!
I look forward eagerly to being able to find Zeus seasoning on the shelf of supermarkets and food stores. So are my wife and our three grown children, along with three or four of our friends!
Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

I use your seasoning for everything. It is by far the best seasoning around. I have bought a ton of your seasoning to give away. People can't believe how wonderful it tastes. Tritip beef steak and roasts are my popular items I grill over mesquite and apple wood with your seasoning. Even people at state and county fairs that BBQ could not believe there tastebuds. I would love to be a distributor for you!

We found your seasoning a few years ago. We were on a family vacation. 14 of us. My husband grilled pork chops and used the Zeus greek seasonings, everyone was in love, We then used it on a pork loin, grilled chicken and potatoes diced and baked in the oven with the
seasoning, There are endless possibilities and everything we have used it on
is sooo delish. a LOL family, friends and your greatest fans are searching the stores. Jackie Stephens

Love the salt free Greek Seasoning. I use it in salad dressings (great with olive oil and vinegar), soups and spaghetti sauce. It's also great in bean dishes/casseroles and chili.

I use the seasoning on Pork and chicken especially. Not any special way, I just use it all the time to season meats.

I am based in Atlanta and came across the brand at a Home Goods location and started ordering from the Internet thereafter. It is amazing, and was all based on my dog's name Zeus. It has just as much personality and flavor to everything that my dog does!

Zeus is my very favorite seasoning and would love to see it in VG or Meijers Grocery stores in the Flint MI area. I have ordered online for over 10 years and shared it with my family. I use it on chicken, pork, beef, baked, broiled, or stir fried, barbecue sauces, vegetables, a mushroom sauce I make. Every guest I have shared it with always love the dish.
Can't wait to see it in stores!

I use it on just about everything except cake and ice cream!! I'm hooked on your spice and hope to be able to purchase it in my grocery soon! It's simply hands down, the best!